There are about 15 different dive sites in Phi Phi marine park and a few more situated a little bit further. We do most of our diving in the marine park around Phi Phi Leh or the Bida islands, with dive sites being only 20 to 40 min away from the shop.

As there are quite a few dive centres in Phi Phi, we like to leave about an hour later than them (9am) so we can do our first dive when they are having their surface interval, and our second dive when they are heading back to Tonsai, allowing you to dive with fewer divers underwater and sleep a little bit more in the morning !

Our trips are 2 tank dives (2 dives) starting around 9am and finishing around 1pm: we usually do our first dive, then have a lunch break of about 1 hour on the boat, then go for the second dive and head back to the dive centre.
We like to keep our groups to a maximum of 5 divers and are pretty flexible. Therefore, if a dive site looks crowded, we just pick another one, we are guessing you want to see fish not divers !!! We do not have scheduled dive sites but choose them on the day depending on divers requests, level of divers, weather conditions and other reasons we mentioned before. Also we usually run only one morning dive trip a day but can organise afternoon trips if it suits you better.

All dive trips include equipment, dive guide, lunch, water and fruit.


Refresher programme

If it has been a while since your last dive or you simply feel like you could do with refreshing your skills, then the refresher programme is for you. We will re-familiarise you with the equipment, signals and Scuba diving skills, making you confident once more in the water.

Duration: 1/2 day
Dives: 2
Course Outline: 1 hour lesson with pool session, dive trip


Even if we do not organize snorkeling trips, snorkelers are welcome to join us on our dive trips to follow their family or diver friends, or simply to enjoy spending the day on a big boat rather than a small rocky “long tail” often used for the snorkelling trips around the islands.

Coming with us you will also be able to go to some of the best snorkelling sites of Phi Phi like Bida nok and Bida nai, as only dive boats are permitted there.
We also try to make a lunch stop in the famous “Maya bay” when diving nearby !